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Out of 65 submissions during a call for artists that lasted several weeks, Studio asisi and the NFT Club Berlin selected 13 international artists who had both submitted works with similar themes and each found a unique formal language. The resulting diversity of works includes emotional portrait series as well as sculptural 3D works, abstract collages, generative art, but also reminiscences of classical iconography and much more.

How to collect / purchase NFTs from the exhibition?

This collection was minted on the blockchain Solana and all works can be purchased on the Formfunction NFT marketplace.


Installing a wallet

In this case, a wallet is required for Solana, the blockchain on which the works from BETWEEN WORLDS were minted. If you are new to the world of NFTs, we recommend a phantom wallet as it is very user-friendly. But other wallets such as Solflare or GLOW are also suitable. Please note that biometric authentication is required at this step. 


Purchase Credit

To acquire credits, Solana (SOL) must be purchased from a crypto exchange such as Coinbase or Binance and sent to the wallet. Please note that authentication is required to trade on a crypto exchange.


Login to Formfunction

Logging in to Formfunction is done directly with the wallet. Once logged in, you can access the BETWEEN WORLDS collection and place a bid to buy NFTs.

Why formfunction?

Formfunction was developed specifically for the Solana ecosystem. One transaction on Solana consumes less energy than two Google searches.

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